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Contact Cypress Industries

Austin Texas

Corporate Headquarters and North American Sales

Manufacturing Facility

Cypress Industries
8027 Exchange Drive
Austin, TX 78754

ph 512.637.2540
fax 512.637.2541

Dongguan, China

Manufacturing Facility

Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, Tang
Xia Town,
Lin Cun Industrial Area.


Ahmedabad, India

International Sales and Manufacturing Facility

Block No. 375, Plot No.16,
Panchratna Industrial Estate, Changodhar,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382213, India

Mo +91.9824053581


Manufacturing Facility

Av. Cantinflas #14
Parque Industrial Cylsa
H. Matamoros, Tamps., Mexico
C.P. 87479


Distribution Location

2685 N. Coria Street
Brownsville, TX 78520 USA

Dallas Texas

Regional Sales

ph 828.612.7711

Cypress Industries
8027 Exchange Drive
Austin, TX 78754 USA
Ph. 512.637.2540
Toll Free USA 866.844.6699
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