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Precision Machining Services

High quality precision machining services for the industrial, hardware, electronic, energy, propane gas, industrial valve, water supply, communications, and automotive markets are a specialty of our Austin, Texas and China factory. We have many high quality CNC Machines (mills and lathes) in China and Texas available in many sizes that produce simple and complex shapes. Our Austin, Texas facility also offers high quality precision machining services for quick turn and moderate volume production runs.

Our high quality CNC Precision Machining services in Austin, Texas have become increasingly popular due cost structures in Asia rising and the dollar falling. Our domestic factory can perform precision machine services for low to medium productions runs, and provide quick turnaround prototypes engineered to maintain critical customer requirements. Our manufacturing, logistics, quality and design facility in Austin, Texas is also able to assist customers that might require additional support in addition to our China factory.

Precision Machined Parts - Double Lead Stems
Precision Machined Parts -
Double Lead Stems
CNC MachinesCNC Machines
Wire EDM Machine
Wire EDM Machine
Large Electrode EDM Machine
Large Electrode EDM

Our warehouse and logistics centers in Shenzhen China (just inside the border from Hong Kong) and Austin, Texas can make sure all of your precision machining services delivery needs are met. From our China factory we are able to ship to any locations in the world. In addition, our central United States location in Austin, Texas can warehouse product and provide next day service to cities such as Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin Texas for larger volume forecasted orders. We have routine shipments of containers coming into the central United States in order to provide competitive pricing on large orders. Please call to determine the large shipment transit time to your city.


Large CNC Machine
Large CNC Machine
Casting Fence Ornaments
CNC Machining
CNC Machining
Cypress Industries
8027 Exchange Drive
Austin, TX 78754 USA
Ph. 512.637.2540
Toll Free USA 866.844.6699
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